There is more to picking and packing than just picking and packing, our fulfilment services works with intelligent software to automate your order handling and shipping, leaving you to concentrate on generating the sales……


EPack was born a fulfilment centre and so our skills and expertise lie in the timely and accurate art of order management. Sure we pick your order, we pack your order and we ship you order, but we do this while feeding all of your tracking data back to your original selling channel and updating your inventory as we go and all with a pick right first time rate in excess of 99.8%.


Our experienced fulfilment operatives check for new orders across a fourteen hour shift, decreasing your dispatch times and increasing your positive customer feedback. Through Intelligent Order Management Software, we receive your orders on a live basis and every single order received BEFORE 9pm will be picked, packed and dispatched that day.


Once an order is ready to ship any tracking data is pushed back through the system and sent to your customer. We can set automated order updates via email, we can gift wrap, we can include additional marketing material, we can wrap it in a big red bow if you need us to, because we work as an extension of you.


With our vast experience of the ecommerce industry we know that happy customers for you means happy customers for us and so we set each order through a three point quality check to make sure the right parcel with the right contents is going to the right customer.


Firstly, when orders are being picked the operative uses a scanning system to ensure he has picked the correct item in the correct quantities, secondly during the packing process the operative scans not only the item but also the order dispatch note to ensure they correlate and thirdly a weight check is given at the point of dispatch to ensure the actual weight matches up with the expected weight based on your inventory and packaging specifications.


Don’t have barcodes? Don’t stress! Our software can create barcodes from almost anything! We can generate in house barcodes from SKU’s which means you can enjoy the accuracy of barcoded stock without the expense.